Entry: Am I back? Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I have been thinking of the login details for this blog, for quite some time, and in vain. Today morning I woke up with a thought - lightning had struck me last night, I believe ... as I am posting something in here after almost an eternity.


Not sure how often would I post something anyway ... but feels good to have the option back to scribble my thoughts - life has changed quite a lot since I last expressed myself here, but I'd like to believe that deep down I haven't changed.


Thanks to anyone who hops in here - old pals or accidental visitors; would be a pleasant surprise if I find others reading this post, beside myself. Some motivation may help me put up my next post sooner than in 4 years time ;)


July 28, 2010   02:01 AM PDT
Carry on old friend, I'm still here reading ya :)

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