Entry: Why write? Monday, February 20, 2006

Been a long while since I put out a post.

It has also been long since anyone asked me why I stopped writing; perhaps they have all given up on me and accepted the silence from my side. The truth though is that there hasnít been anything worth writing despite me moving to a new city and a new job (not too long ago). Yet, life is pretty much the same Ė most days have a set routine, spent between some sector reports and spreadsheets, according to my needs and those of our clients.


In between there have been the bouts of cricket, soccer and other sports. India thrashed Pakistan in the ODI series, out neighbours embarrassed us in the Under 19 finals yesterday, Chelsea lost 0:3 the first time under Mourinho, the Bangalore Lions won the Premier Hockey League (which was well televised and promoted by ESPN-Star), Sania mania keeps going on though she seems to be as successful in tennis as Gautam Gambhir has been in his winning matches for India with his bat.


And yet, there isnít one great thing to write about. I could write my own analysis of the U-19 final, about Daya Nayak, Salman and his blackbucks ... but then all this would already be present in myriads of reports floating all over the place, as well in the plethora of news channels we seem to have  already.


Besides, corporate life has taken an even bigger toll on a few of my friends who happened to start blogging around the same time I did. Lakesidey and Nitid have hectic schedules and sadly jobs which donít allow them to spend time on the Net as mine does. Canít blame them though to stop writing, as there could also be the added reason of what to write about.


Can think of one topic which might be relevant for some people in a few weeks Ė campus placement time at the big brothers in management education in India. Looking at the way the economy is booming and the job market is surging, donít think there would be any problems for anyone getting a job and packages are going through the roof already. Still, not a bad topic to write about Ė if I feel like writing J


Oh ya! Could have come out with my version on how I think about Valentineís Day, but then does anyone really care what I feel about it J Ö lets face it, a few words spoken for or against an event which people believe in so strongly is not going to change things one bit. So WHY bother to write such silly things.


Now apart from this, if someone gives me reason to write Ė I would write.



February 22, 2006   08:50 AM PST
February 21, 2006   06:51 PM PST
Self would mean to myself ... rite? In that case why take the pains to type and put it for all and sundry :)
February 21, 2006   02:38 PM PST

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