Entry: Happy New Year Saturday, December 31, 2005

As the New Year beckons, I thought its just natural to wish all you "survivors" who still drop in here to see how long have I managed without writing.

Hope you all have a great year ahead and fulfill all your dreams. A Dilbert just to celebrate the occassion, and to show what should not be mine and your story in the coming year.


January 11, 2006   01:40 PM PST
Hope you start the n = 1 to infinity series first ..
Long time for me to even have a chance :)
January 11, 2006   01:38 PM PST
Better late than never Adi :)
January 11, 2006   01:30 PM PST
Thanks Jerry, Dilbert is surely wonderful, so I like putting across whatever classic ones I see...
January 11, 2006   01:27 PM PST
Thanks Ash!
Hope you have a great time too.
January 6, 2006   12:02 PM PST
Hi Shash,

Wish you a happy New Year...my wish for you is to get married soon...:) and have 'n' number of kids where n=1 to infinity :)

Party and enjoy!

Loving friend...
January 2, 2006   12:40 AM PST
happy new year da

... and the phone will have to wait a few months :)
January 1, 2006   11:33 PM PST
man dilbert is always gr8!even if u find it on anyones blog.nice way of conveying thing.have a gr8 ny.
December 31, 2005   07:52 PM PST
Future seems bright..eh ;)
Have a great year ahead!

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