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Saturday, February 25, 2006
Importance of architechture in an MBA :))

Looking for reasons to write; just got one from the most unexpected of sources – a post in another blog, one linked up on my page and one I do read at times. For those who have read it, they can understand why I felt compelled to write so soon after groping for reasons to - and who haven't, feel lucky to have been spared the article. :)


Was surprised though to see what Rashmi had to write about MY campus on the basis of her whirlwind trip there. I had pretty much laughed it off, when I did realize that the timing of the post was much more than mere coincidence. Just when myriads of people would get final calls from the IIMs and make one of the most important decisions in their lives to-date, it is indeed unfortunate if the post was intended to sway them to a specified institution, based on the arguments given.


While I was in campus (not too long back), we had enough discussions whether we too should “hard sell” IIM Calcutta the way a few other institutions did. There was a strong opinion on campus that we didn’t need to, as people who would get through CAT would not take a call based on how good is the food in the city, or what colour the buildings are. If someone is THAT mature to take a decision based on how many bricks are there in a building or what brand the washing machines are – God save him/her.


Having passed the same stage myself, I can safely say that people take up that decision based on a lot of research and some personal biases. Its true that Calcutta isn’t as  ‘hep’ a city as Delhi, Bangalore or Mumbai – but then are we looking to build a career based on the learnings we get in campus or based on how good the “crowd” is in the city?


I had never thought I’ll hard sell IIM-C myself, but just feel strange that people claim not reacting to things as a laid-back attitude. I don’t want to get into a point-wise rebuttal of the claims made in the post, as enough has been said about the same in the comments section there. Yet, I am amazed that if we are as successful in the corporate circles as well as in the academia being as laid-back as we IIMCians are alleged to be, I wonder what would happen to the rest of the world if we actually become aggressive. We surely do kick-ass whenever the situation demands.


Maybe our way of showing aggression is like that of Dravid, while Ms. Bansal prefers the Ganguly mode J …. Either ways, am sure we note that some of the points she has mentioned could be true, but what shows the insecurity is the fact that not a single positive point has been mentioned about the oldest IIM and the one which surely has been the most respected campus for corporates for many years.


Am proud to be am IIMCian – and just hope we can strive to make the IIM brand as strong as the IIT one, instead of bickering over small points which do not make much difference, if any to a student during his stay in the campus and beyond.


A small request to all the young men and women appearing for the GD/PI sessions, for various B-schools, in the coming weeks – Put in your best efforts in each GD and interview, and put off the previous experience out of your mind when you attend the next one. Once you are done with this part, and while the professors break their heads to decide whom to pick –sit down and take an educated decision about your pecking order assuming you get all calls. Just ensure its not based on criteria such as the colour of the building, access to booze, caste of professors, number of lakes, etc. IMHO, neither of them matters much in your career, J while having a good culture on campus and developing yourself as an individual during those two years in a business school definitely does!


Finally in true IIMC style – Good luck folks, Put crack!


Thought aloud by Shashank at Saturday, February 25, 2006


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