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Monday, November 28, 2005
Thats all folks!

Have heard from enough people asking me why I havenít written anything for a long time. Was just wondering the same, but then have not wanted to write anything at all. Writing with a real name isnít an easy task as at times one has to rethink before expressing all thoughts and emotions. I had not started blogging to write stories or to analyse news articles. It was about me - my thoughts and how I see and live life. Somewhere down the line I have realized that my life isnít really of much concern to others; not that I expected it to be.


Yet, the way life has taken a turn Ė not in the best possible way, I feel myself unable to share my thoughts here. I think Iíll take a break from here, unless someday I wake up with a sudden realization that I have to write again. Maybe Iíll take a cue from a very close friend (I think so) who refuses to share a blog URL with me.


Besides I have probably just understood  what I had quoted here some time back.

Never explain yourself Ė your friends don't need it and your enemies won't believe it.

Thought aloud by Shashank at Monday, November 28, 2005

December 8, 2005   09:57 AM PST
All the best!
Devilish Angel
December 7, 2005   06:57 PM PST
yep! u r right! "your friends don't need it..."...woteva...... i remember visitin' ur blog long back...god knowz wen :P
December 6, 2005   08:29 PM PST
I wish I could find something to say. Something comforting, something eloquent. But, like Mark Antony, I am no orator. Being the blunt lakesidey I am, I can only quote others. Perhaps it will be enough.

It has been an interesting journey with you on your blog (though I admit, infidel that I am, that I have been remiss for weeks together in following it - and have not yet followed up your tag. But notwithstanding......) I'm going to miss it, I guess. But then I think I can understand your wanting to take time off from the world. I trust there is no offense in hoping that you will write again someday :)

Like Edmond Dantes, we shall wait and hope. And perhaps, someday, we will be rewarded....

December 3, 2005   06:54 PM PST
chalo enjoy the outside world !!!
December 1, 2005   09:25 AM PST
Hey Shash...the last line you had written is always true...so go be yourself and enjoy life...blogosphere would be always waiting to receive you again :) Take care.
November 29, 2005   11:10 PM PST
we seem to be totally out of touch :) how about dropping me a mail someday. leaving u my current url again...though i mailed it to u before. hope i'm not THAT friend :)
November 29, 2005   06:51 PM PST
ditto as aditya :(
November 28, 2005   08:08 PM PST
n whoz this friend of urs? not me, i did share... late though, but did :)

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